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Illness and Massage

October 15, 2014


I’ve not been to work for a few days now due to illness, which has inspired me to write a blog about getting a massage when you’re sick. Is it a good idea? Is it a bad idea?

While lying on a warm massage table and getting touched with kneading and flowing hands sounds like the ideal, it can actually make you even sicker, and for longer, expanding the length of your recovery time. It’s true that massage has wonderful detoxing effects, enhances the immune system, and helps to relieve tension. It increases circulation throughout the body, which helps to release stored toxins and flush them out quickly.

Sounds like a great idea to get a massage when sick, right? Well, actually, since massage gets your blood circulating better, it makes whatever sickness is happening spread more efficiently, turning a minor head cold into a full-on illness. While it may seem like the recipient of massage is doing nothing but lying there and relaxing, the body is actually doing some really hard work as it responds to the many techniques used and becomes very stimulated internally. During illness, the body is already overloaded with waging war on the virus and fighting off the infection. You don’t want to add more efforts to it, as bodies cannot heal as well when they are overworked.

If you have a bad cold, the flu, fever, nausea, are contagious, or have a viral or bacterial infection, the best thing to do is to stay home and rest. Your body will thank you, along with the many people  to whom you could pass your illness along! Rather, use massage to help keep the immune system up to snuff  by scheduling regular appointments. The benefits of massage can be felt immediately and last up to three weeks. I suggest getting a massage every 3-6 weeks, or about monthly, to help maintain feelings of wellness.

As for why I got sick? I tend to be a giver more than a receiver in this field and should probably start listening to my own advice. ;)


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